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No-Stick Cooking Sprays

Keep your favorite foods from sticking—so there’s more on your plate, and less in your pan. All of our cooking sprays are alcohol-free, and they let the full flavor of the food come through. 

Original No-Stick Cooking Spray

The original—made with 100% canola oil.

Butter No-Stick Cooking Spray

Adds rich, butter flavor to your foods.

Olive Oil No-Stick Cooking Spray

Adds a subtle olive oil flavor to your foods.

Pillsbury Baking Spray with Flour

Applies evenly to all types of bakeware for effortless extraction.

Crisco Professional® Grill Master® No-Stick Grill Spray

Grill Masters, add this to your tool belt for easy, no-stick grilling.

Crisco Professional® Cooking Pro No-Stick Cooking Spray

For cooking pros who want to cook with no sticking and no worries.

Crisco Professional® Sauté Expert® No-Stick Sauté Spray

So you can sauté meats, veggies, and more like the expert you are.

Spray That Spatula

Before whipping up some eggs, spray your spatula with Crisco® No-Stick Cooking Spray so they don't stick.

Stick-Free Measuring

Coating your measuring tools with no-stick spray will make cleanup of sticky substances such as honey, mustards, or syrups easy.

No-Stick Cakes

Grease cake pans with Crisco® No-Stick Cooking Spray and a light dusting of flour for extra-easy removal.